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SMA Pilmico Christmas Party Speech 2017

Here is the speech delivered byPilmico Foods Corporation President & CEO Sabin M. Aboitiz at the company’s 2017 Christmas Party.


Good evening fellow partners in Iligan, Cebu, and Tarlac!

Tonight we have plenty reasons to celebrate.

Firsts among the many are the recognition of our 32 service awardees joining us across all Sites.

Congratulations to our…

35 years of service – Mike

30 years of service — George, Liwilin, Robert,

25 years of service — Efren

20 years of service — Baybee, Alvin, George, and Romeo

15 years of service — Jeff A. and Jeff C., Jojo Enriquez, Ace, Bernardo, Edmar and Edison

10 years of service – Tristan, Brenda, Des, Crisabelle, Riza, Vivian, Tiffany, Jonathan and Nestea, MJ, Rodel, Jan Dale, Samuel, Ismael, Maricel, and Christian.

Thank you for choosing to stay and believing in the organization.

Tonight we are also honoring our 3 retirees.

Peter Tenido, 37 years of service

Cesar Malonzo, 14 years of service and,

Rodrigo Pulongbarit, 11 years years of service

On behalf of the Pilmico team, thank you so much for your decades of hard work and loyalty.  Peter, Cesar, and Rodrigo —  we wish you all the best as you move into the next chapter of your life. Enjoy retirement.


2017 LOOK BACK  


This evening’s celebration is a break away from our usual way of doing things. We all stretched ourselves once again by organizing our very first live recognition night and Christmas party as we celebrate simultaneously across 4 sites e.i. Iligan, Cebu, Taguig, and Tarlac. When we decided to take out the printers and eventually go AGILE, the aim was to create more with less and to bring up collaboration. I am happy how we have all adapted to this change.

2017 was indeed a year of numerous challenges.  From the external market conditions to the internal issues brought about by changes in the team, all those were overtaken because of our ability to respond to each others’ need.  The stories of teamwork shared by the Executive Team Leaders last Wednesday makes me feel very proud of you all.

To me, the definition of teamwork is “never ever missing an opportunity to help a partner.” Teamwork is at its best when you offer to help even before a partner asks for it.

One big thing done this year that I am extremely happy about is our response to help our soldiers and evacuees due to the war in Marawi.  Most often relief operation is provided to affected communities of Marawi, and while we contributed to this, we also focused our CSR efforts to the marine corp who risked their lives for all of us and our country.  Over 158,000 meals (HEB) and 19,000 pandesal reached the military frontliner, while our Noble Bakers Program and MPA provide livelihood to the injured and inactive members of the marine corp. A month ago, no less than President Duterte recognized our efforts and again, Teamwork in Iligan and Taguig was our key. I am very proud of you guys.

Thank you, partners for taking our focus value of the year Teamwork to heart, and for continuously working on the value of Innovation. I’m beginning to see that teamwork fuels innovation.  There are many untold stories that we should publish in Agora.


I envisioned years ago to be able to speak with all of you at the same time.  Supercon brings us together weekly through Agora. With all the ongoing projects of Support, Operations and Sales to cut down bureaucracies in our Customer Service, I am positive that Digital 2.0 will future-proof our organization. Our Digital journey will never be perfect, there will be hiccups, and it will always be changing. But more than the technology, it’s our mindset of embracing change and believing that it will make a difference. So let us make things happen and create great examples of the Aboitiz value of Innovation by being agile and going digital.


We must not lose the momentum we have gained so far.  Because we will keep our eyes on our digital journey, we choose Responsibility as our focus value in 2018. How can we live out the Aboitiz value of Responsibility in the workplace?

The value of Responsibility becomes super important in an agile environment.   As we venture into an agile workplace where everything is more fluid, taking responsibility for our own actions and decisions will become even more important.  You become responsible for your own growth and development.  There will be much more occasions where you will have to be the driver not the passenger and so you have to be more accountable for actions and decisions. This year we introduced telecommuting and so far it seems our partners have demonstrated maturity and professionalism by keeping the discipline of work even when they are doing it in the privacy of their own homes.

Your excom is pioneering several projects to change our approach in doing many things such as abandoning the traditional annual performance appraisal and turning it into a more regular performance coaching system. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The reality is, every single day of your career is a performance review. We are revisiting policies on timekeeping, tardiness, overtime, etc to keep our policies and benefits more in tune with being agile.

One project I specifically picked up addresses the severe Traffic problem of our Taguig partners. Studies show that the typical metro manila worker spends an average of 1,000 hours or about 1.5 months a year just stuck in traffic. You get to the office you haven’t even started work and you’re already stressed. That’s a lot of time that could have been better spent with our loved ones or better spent on activities for our own development.  So we will start offering corporate dormitories as a way of addressing this. HR is working on the details as we speak.  This again will require a greater sense of responsibility from us.  How to spend your free time more wisely?  To help you with such decisions, we are happy to announce that we will have our very own Goals Coach this coming year.


2018 will be an exciting year for all of us.

We will remain to operate at the beginning of the food value chain, as we journey towards becoming an integrated agribusiness and food company. Our business units complement and add value to one another.  With our purpose of advancing business and communities, we will continue to provide solutions to our customers and build partnerships for growth.  Some examples of what you can look forward to are the online catalogs, e-P.O. on mobile, supplier’s self-service portal, locator app, DCR, PDIS, supplier delivery dashboards, transport management system, the GPS tracking of delivery trucks and there are more in the pipeline. To the communities around us, our ABC means engaging them on some small works and services like maintenance of the garden, cleaning of surroundings and re-painting of plant pedestrian lanes. These little jobs continue to bring employment and goodwill to the community where we operate.


ASEAN market size of 500 million population will bring many opportunities to expand our quality of customer base. With our 2nd acquisition in Vietnam — Eurofeeds, this gives us entry to animal feeds in Vietnam. VHF is contributing and is soon to expand into aqua fingerling lines. We are also strongly considering a potential joint venture to mark our 3rd acquisition in Vietnam.


In Farms, we pursue to be the one-stop shop protein provider.  Our meats and eggs will go down further the value chain reaching to every Aling Barang and Mang Juan in the market.  

The expansion of breeder farm 3 and layer farm will bring us to our vision of 20,000 sow level and 700,000 eggs respectively.  Our meats facility will soon start its construction and will kick off in the last quarter of 2018 starting with a limited operation.  All through these expansions, we continue to live on the legacy of Dennis pass on through his endless sharing of knowledge and technical expertise, achieving to be the most efficient farm operator at the size we are in.


In flour, we will continue to examine our ways of doing business.  We need to further expand our distribution network and optimize our capabilities to compete in terms of quality and price.  

To strive in a changing market condition, our advantage will come from our production efficiency and great customer service delivery.  

To our Trading Team, congratulations for doing a good job of recovering this year.  We are good on your commitment to increase volume by 120% and I look forward to an additional 2 or 3 product lines next year.  I hope to see initiatives that will contribute and optimize our existing supply chain.


Being the total solutions provider, we will grow across all segments committing to an overall volume of 458,000 metric tons.  With the sustained performance of poultry and gamefowl lines, I expect you guys to contribute 180,000 metric tons in 2018. We can expect our hog lines to have a renewed focus and strong recovery with the backyard market starting to pick up.  R&D will play a crucial role to relaunch our elite product brand taking advantage of the momentum happening in the backyard market. We are also re-organizing the Nutrition and Formulation Team to give more focus and attention to the different feed categories. Also, we set up a new team led by Papi whose mission is to capture large farm accounts to drive efficiencies in the feed mill operations. Complementing our continued growth is our Animal Health Products expanding our reach and presence in various regions. But without Feeds, there would be nothing to sell and thus, I am excited to inaugurate our 3rd Feedmill by 2019.


Today, I am seeing our Partners in Leadership taking a distinct form in our organization.  Our culture is vibrant; leaders are opening their minds and team members learning and adapting to change. The result of the 12Q and Gallup Survey can attest that something good is happening. Our culture is our driver to pioneer several firsts in the Aboitiz group – domestic expansions, ASEAN operation, domestic and international mobility, and now digital disruption. All these spell G-R-O-W-T-H all over.  Steering the organization is a huge task considering our size, location and regional diversities. I need help as my role in the Aboitiz Group is expanding more and more.

I am happy to announce the following movements and promotions.


With the retirement of Peter Tenido, I am glad to announce the promotion of Elna Mosqueda as our new QA Flour Manager.  Elna has gained a lot of solid experience in the field of Quality Assurance having been with us for the past 9 years. Her expertise and commitment to her work led her to develop the flour blend calculator improving both our flour quality and production cost.  Elna, Congratulations.


Supporting our business growth and ensuring that our credit risk is strategically positioned, I am pleased to announce the promotion of Ms. Lilibeth Sisican to Assistant Vice-President for Credit & Collection.  Beth is a returnee who pivoted the implementation of a more balanced credit and collection policies resulting to an efficient collection and management of receivables. Beth Congratulations.


With Farms growing to 20K sow level it is timely to formalize the position focusing on Swine operation.  I am happy to announce the promotion of Ms. Johara Gurat as AVP for Farms Swine. Johara is a homegrown talent who played a vital role in the design and management of our Nucleus farm.  She started the operations of our Breeder Farm 2. She was part of the planning and execution of the farm expansions, AHEAD Curriculum, and enhancements of the breeding program that improve quality of our hogs. Johara, Congratulations.


Key to our operation is an efficient Warehouse and Distribution, Transport and Customer Service delivery.  Logistics has expanded to cover domestic and international operations and would require focus and time. I am happy to announce the promotion of Mr. Jokin Aboitiz as AVP Logistics.  After a year and a half in the Food Group, Jokin has expanded his role to cover feeds, flour, and farm logistics, import, export, and has expanded his team from 38 to 80 team members who are sweating inside but keep on putting their best foot forward. Joks, Congratulations there is a big job ahead of you.


Groupwide talent mobility is the Aboitiz way of sharing and developing talents across the group.  At this point, I am announcing the transfer of Ms. Marlita Villacampa to AEV Corporate Center effective July 1, 2018. MMV is replacing Melinda Bathan who is due to retire in 2019.   After doing a great job in Pilmico of instituting process enhancements, Marlita will join AEV to help me implement programs and initiatives to put forward my vision as COO of AEV.

We cannot afford to leave a vacuum in the Food Group. It is important that we onboard Marlita’s replacement effective July 1, 2018. Joining us as Pilmico’s VP Controller is Ms. Apple Mapalad.  Apple is currently the AVP Finance of Aboitiz Power. She will report to Ms. Ebbie Mabatid. Between now and until July 1, turnover of role & functions will commence so you will be seeing Marlita and Apple working together.  


As I mentioned earlier, 2018 is going to be an exciting year as we put more resources in the ASEAN Region.  This means broader scope, bigger roles, and more complex functions.  This is a call to our leaders to embrace change, step up and accept more responsibilities. With this, I am happy to announce the promotion of Ms. Ebbie Mabatid to Senior Vice President & CFO.


Next on the list is to put together under one executive team leader our Farms and Flour Divisions. At this point, I am happy to announce the promotion of Mr. William Paradies as First Vice President & COO of Farms and Flour Divisions. With Farms to complete our strategy of Forward Integration, it is high time for William to expand his scope and take on another division.  William, congratulations and you have our support.


Another change will be in the Feeds Division. We believe that it is ripe for Norie to go beyond her Sales comfort zone.  I am super happy to announce the promotion of Ms. Norie Bermudez as First Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Feeds Division.  Her passion and energy is worth emulating and under her leadership, our Feeds Sales has grown tremendously.  You truly deserve this promotion. Congratulations Madam Norie.  

With the turn over of the leadership of Feeds to Norie, it’s time for Tristan to take on a much broader scope. I am glad to announce the promotion of Tristan Aboitiz as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Food Group – Domestic. Tristan will lead Pilmico Philippines, he will be accountable for the overall management and operations and will directly report to me. Tris, congratulations and rest assured you have our full support.

Last but certainly not the least, with the growth potential of ASEAN, we want to position our best talent to deliver our ASEAN strategy and operations. I am pleased to announce the promotion and new assignment of Mr. Michael Tan as President and CEO of ASEAN. With his extension up to year 2023,  Mike remains to be a member of the PILMICO Board of Directors and will continue to support Tristan and PILMICO Philippine Operations. With ASEAN countries as his focus, his role goes beyond PILMICO because it will cover the Aboitiz ASEAN.

Now the bad news is that I remain to be your CEO.

To Elna, Lilibeth, Johara, Jokin, Marlita, Apple, Ebbie, William, Norie, Tristan, and Mike we wish you the best of everything as you take on your new leadership roles. Rest assured you have our support.


Now, to end my message with a bang!  Over the years we have collected many stories to tell each other about how it is to be part of the Pilmico family.  Our collection of Mga Istoryang Pilmico is rich, colorful, and inspiring.  Stories have the power to entertain, teach, connect, remember and immortalize certain things as they are told from one person to another.  Tonight, I am pleased to launch our very own collection of stories through our very first culture book in digital format entitled  “Nourishing our Culture”.  This book took about 7 years in the making!  It is a handsome collection of stories about our culture and how each and every one of you has been an important character in the story.

In our supercon year ender episode, a partner asked, what is the best Christmas gift I would really like to receive from everybody. The best ever Christmas gift partners can give me is an email on Christmas day telling me what you think on how we can all improve. I would also appreciate other messages that you would want to tell me about our organization. Increase communication is what we need and to me, it would have the most value to help me deliver my promise of what I want to do both in Pilmico and in AEV.  We all need guidance and when we give honest feedback or as they say “feed forward” we will be able to achieve it. Communication and candor is the best gift you all can give me.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas spent with your family and loved ones!  Get recharged during the holidays as we look forward to an exciting 2018.