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Social media influencers for knowledge mobilization and disaster preparedness

Last July 21 and 22,  WeatherPhilippines invited 17 travel and technology bloggers to Cebu for an event that would bring them greater awareness about the weather and its impact on our daily lives.

But before discussing the heavy topics on weather and disasters, the bloggers needed a fun and insightful walk-through of Philippine history and culture to contextualize what they’ll learn for the next day and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI) was the perfect partner for this.  

On July 21, WeatherPhilippines trodded the streets of pre-16th century Cebu with bloggers from Manila during RAFI’s Urbanized Cebu Tour and the Heritage by Dusk Tour.

The historical significance of Cebu in pre-colonial, modern and present day Philippines reflects Filipino culture, values, and psyche—all of which are relevant to the country’s future development, growth, and progress.

The day ended with much appreciation for Filipino art, architecture, and perspective. The bloggers were now ready to tackle the serious issues on disaster-preparedness and weather education.

Through the sponsorship of CitySavings, Rappler conducted a social media training for the bloggers and Cebu’s Department of Education teachers on July 22 as well.





“You can choose any location from the 780 weather stations we deployed in the country. It’s also personalized, because you can label your selected places and add photos. This makes it easier to see the weather of your home or your office in just one glance. The colors of the dashboard will change, depending on how severe the weather is in that area. And of course, the weather data of this app is also highly localized.”

– TechPinas.com

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