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Stitching your way to style!

Kristie Jane Amacna | June 29, 2018

The Sew Very Happy A-Club has formally started its activities for the purpose of continuous learning and unstoppable fun, reliving the sewing craft for A-people. After learning basic hand stitches, its members are ready to conquer sewing using a machine. Machines make people’s lives easier and it is a very interesting thing to learn because it helps us create unexpected masterpieces.



The club’s second general meeting revolved around the theme “Get to Know Your Machine,” conducted by AEV Team Member Anna Cielo Oblianda on May 23, 2018. It was a very interactive discussion since most members participated and brought their own machines and tools with them. Some of the topics discussed and demonstrated during the meeting were:

A small cloth was provided for each member to try the actual sewing with proper control of the foot pedal, hand wheel, and other parts of the machine.

It was indeed a very informative session, full of fun and “aha!” moments. But, the learning and fun didn’t end there. It was then announced that the club’s output assignment after the session will be making actual tote bags, and it made everyone so excited! All of the attendees were very eager to start! A week later, each presented their own stylish and creative output:

Sew Very Nice tote bags!

Making one stitch at a time results in a masterpiece when fueled with determination and perseverance. Sew Very Happy is all about discovering our own passion for crafts, and the results of our second meeting mark the beginning of the club’s journey to unveiling the wonders of sewing. Making the bags is proof that it isn’t difficult to make everyday wonders–it just requires one magical stitch!

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