SuperConversations with SMA: How to stay relevant in a digital world

Driven and motivated team members are key to a forward-looking organization. But faced with the world’s digital transformation, how can people stay ahead of the game and remain productive and purposeful individuals? In the latest episode of SuperConversations with SMA, we discuss how digitalization doesn’t mean the end of human competence. Rather, it is the start of a great leap into the future of the workplace.

“I believe that we have been adapting, but we need to adapt faster. We must not only respond, but we must predict and transform. We want to be ahead of the curve but more importantly, relevant and agile. As we keep hearing the statement, disrupt or be disrupted.”

-Sabin Aboitiz, President and CEO, Pilmico

In Aboitiz, joining programs that nurture team members’ innovation and teamwork are encouraged. Adapting and continuously learning new skills, forming synergies with others that will make tasks easier and more efficient, and having the conscious determination to plan and lay out one’s career path will always greatly complement our digital transformation.

Pilmico: Going beyond business, creating strong partnerships