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SWAG Talks Success Through the Eyes of Happiness

According to LinkedIn, success is the status of having achieved and accomplished an aim or objective. Beyond words, what does success truly mean? Is it the amount of money in your bank account or the feeling of being able to provide? Is it your position title or is it the number of people you inspire? Each one of us can have our own meaning of success, but what is the secret behind finding success through the eyes of happiness?

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Celebrating Recognition Night With A Kaleidoscope Of Achievements

The Aboitiz Recognition Night, one of the most anticipated events in the Aboitiz Group, pays homage to the dedicated service excellence, exceptional loyalty and hard work, and the invaluable contributions our A-People have accomplished each year. With this year’s theme of “Spectrum”, team members decked out in a band of colors, representing the different backgrounds, roles, personalities, interests, and points of view, yet finding meaning in the Group’s common purpose and our unique culture, the Aboitiz Way.

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Spreading Mental Health Awareness Among A-People

The topic of mental health has been gaining a lot of global attention in the past couple of years. With President Duterte recently signing the National Mental Health Policy into law, a lot of institutions and organizations have been reviewing health benefits and conducting awareness talks in order to help break the social stigma attached to the subject.

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Functional Development Clusters Hold Recognition Day

Last August 16 marked the culmination of all the hard work put in by participants in the year-long learning journey as part of the Functional Development Cluster program. Functional Development Clusters were established in 2017 to prepare the Aboitiz Group’s collective pool of talents for future roles in the organization.

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A Hero in Disguise: My Super A-Dad 2019

A father’s love can mold tiny dust into a bright star. A lot of us may wonder how fathers are able to bring their households to a better future, shouldering the weight that will create a wonderful path for loved ones. They have huge responsibilities at home and in the corporate world and may sometimes be in disguise of a person in a suit.

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Aboitiz Women’s Club: The Renaissance

The Aboitiz Women’s Club (AWC) was created to promote women empowerment across the Aboitiz Group. It aims to empower women by making them involved in various activities that would develop them, not just professionally but also in a deeply personal level, that will furthermore allow them to establish their network and strengthen relationships across the Group.


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Musik-A leads another ‘Overtime’ at Caf8

It was another successful event for Musik-A, the A-Club composed of music-loving, after raising a total amount of PHP80,120 from its annual CSR event called “Overtime: Music Night for a Cause Vol. II”, held last May 10 at the newly opened Caf8. Promoting the value of #Teamwork, the event was also joined by A-Career Mixers and the AP Band.


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Take a break the A-People way

Despite the demands of work that need to be accomplished from a day-to-day basis, our team leaders and team members from Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) and Aboitiz Power definitely don’t forget to take a deep breath, relax, and have some fun. Now that’s what we call work and play!

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Ready to strike, A-Bowlers have arrived!

Taking-off from where the Avengers’ story has ended, ours has just begun! With the A-Club Program back on its second year, the A-Bowlers is one of the newest clubs that were recognized under the program. Guided by the A-People’s interest and passion in the sport of bowling, they were able to converge and form a new family outside their usual working parameters.

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#Teamwork: The A-Club Program is back!

Here in the Aboitiz Group, the fun and enjoyment don’t stop. In support of the mission to provide A-People with a gateway to widen their network and meet new people, the A-Club Program is back on its second year. This year, seven newly formed clubs are added to the six pioneer clubs, making this family a bigger community for 2019.


Lessons from a career woMOM

All too often, we approach the question of career or family as black and white: either you work full-time or you become a stay-at-home mom. AP Gen’s CFO, Racquel Bustamante, however, chose to break this traditional divide.

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It runs in the blood

Giving back to the community in whatever way possible has always been in the DNA of A-People, and that includes donating blood. Aboitiz partnered with Philippine Red Cross for a bloodletting activity at the Taguig Corporate Center to contribute to the national blood requirement and help save more lives.

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Young and in Luv

AboitizPower’s Chief Financial Officer, Liza Luv Montelibano, decided at a young age that her true passion lies in finance. Her career story reflects her sheer determination, independence, and an indomitable passion for learning.

Photo credit: (Connected Conversations with Michael Mendenhall, 2016)

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Meet Tony Canova, new ACO board advisor

In December 2018, the Aboitiz Group announced changes in the board membership of Aboitiz & Company (ACO), including the appointment of Mr. Antonio Canova as new board advisor. Aboitiz Eyes is pleased to introduce Tony to our fellow team members through this mini-feature.

After seven years, a Davao Light Kaibigan once again receives the Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence through Elmer "Bambi" Amigo (third from left). He is celebrated by his Aboitiz team leaders (from left) Rodger Velasco, Davao Light Chief Operating Officer; Txabi Aboitiz, AEV Chief HR Officer; and Jim Aboitiz, AboitizPower Distribution Group Chief Operating Officer.

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Man of the Hour: Davao Light’s Elmer Amigo is 2018 DRAAE awardee

Elmer Amigo is blessed with a surname that appropriately describes who he is to many: a friend. The easygoing and trustworthy Bambi, as many call him, exemplifies passion and dedication to the profession he has held for nearly three decades. It is only fitting that Davao Light’s go-to guy has been presented with the 2018 Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence.


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EIA Zeroes in on Living Our Brand Promise

While this year’s ‘Coffee with EIA’ took a slightly different format by having only one session for the day instead of several, it provided an opportunity for both Aboitiz Equity Ventures President & CEO Erramon I. Aboitiz and team members to spend more time on the Q&A and digging deep on how our brand promise, advancing business and communities, applies in various circumstances.

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A-Clubs in Focus: Creating hope in the community through basketball

The A-Balleros take pride in knowing the history of the sport and everyone involved in it. Even before A-Club was launched, the members would rally to form a team that would represent in sports fests or even just for a simple friendly game after office hour. The club, in coordination and partnership with various business units, aims to have a weekly/monthly get together to play for camaraderie and fitness.


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Stellar – The Aboitiz Recognition Night 2018

This year’s theme was aptly called “Stellar” — a word used to refer for “star” as the company shed the brightest light on its team members who are identified as the lifeblood of the organization — recognizing 40 awardees, ranging from 10 years up to 40 years of service from both Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) and Aboitiz Power (AP).

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Aboitiz Mindanao Unity Games 2018

About 200 A-People from various Mindanao-based Aboitiz business units came together for a day of fun-filled team activities at the second annual Aboitiz Mindanao Unity Games (UGames), held at Rancho Palos Verdes Clubhouse in Davao City on July 21, 2018.

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Sustaining the 1AP Culture

Close to 2,000 AboitizPower team members gathered last June 29, July 16, July 30, and August 2 in various locations in Manila, Cebu, Baguio, and Davao, respectively, to kick off the 1AP Culture. Made up of a series of activities that re-articulated the 1AP Culture, the program sought to ensure that the company’s culture statements are clear and simple for all to understand and live by every day.



Into the rapids of Davao River

Apo Agua is set to build one of the country’s largest private bulk water supply facilities with the capacity to supply sourced from Tamugan River, which is a tributary of the mighty Davao River, considered the third largest river in Mindanao. Apo Agua’s own Ruby Broas, process and environmental engineer, shares her experience of the power and majesty of the Davao River from her recent whitewater rafting adventure down the famed rapids.

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Corporate Center

Learning the art of visual storytelling

The Aboitiz Group Integrated Communication Workgroup organized the Visual Storytelling Training sessions last May and June to help communication practitioners across Aboitiz business units better understand how photos can be a powerful platform to present a unified and compelling story of advancing business and communities.

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Honor Roll

Aboitiz Group bags top honors at Quill Awards

Aboitiz bags top Philippine Quill Award for 2nd straight year, takes home record 12 awards including the Company of the Year – 2nd Runner Up and the Top Division Award in Communication Management for “Let’s drive change for a better world: The Aboitiz No Impact Challenge.

EYES ON TARGET. A-Shooters test their skills at the firing range.

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A-Club in Focus: A-Shooters Ready, Aim, Fire!

The A-Shooters Club is a duly recognized employee organization formed under the AEV A-Clubs program. Aside from their passion in the marvels and art of firearms, responsible gun ownership is one of the advocacies of the club, a mission they target through knowledge sharing with other people.

Jimbo Reverente pours his heart out in song

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A-Clubs in Focus: Musik-A’s Cause for Melodies

The sound of a live band playing as the crowd sings and cheers…in the office. This was definitely not your usual Friday night scene but the lively festivities were matched only by a genuine warmth filling the air as A-People spent their ‘overtime’ to enjoy music and raise funds for a worthy cause.


Banking and Financial Services

PETNET’s 1st Annual Sales Convention: Calls to Empower and Engage

PETNET President Larry Ocampo congratulated the awardees for their dedication and hardwork. “There will only be one first and you are part of this first convention because you are performers. None of our initiatives will work without people like you who work to make it happen. The fact that you can adapt despite the challenges is fantastic.”

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Cover Story

The ABCs of Giving Back by EIA

The ability to make a positive impact on others is a fundamental need of each individual and, for the Aboitiz Group, giving back to our communities is what our brand promise of Advancing Business and Communities (ABC) speaks of.

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EIA Message: Our Group Purpose and ABC

We would like all our stakeholders to understand, appreciate, and embrace our Group Purpose, how each of us in Aboitiz Group see ourselves in our Purpose and how our business units are breathing life to this purpose by advancing business and communities in their respective industries and sectors.