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Tales of the 12th AFLBS by the summit’s Core Team

Members of the organizing committee for this year’s Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit, the 12th consecutive one since 2006, share their experiences and insights from mounting the massive 3-day event held from November 10 – 12, 2017.



June to August 2017

I cannot believe it’s my fifth time to be a member of the Summit Working Committee. I could safely say I’m the most experienced member in organizing this Summit. Wow!

Year on year, the teams literally work hard to continuously improve the Summit design.  This year, the Group Attraction Team executed exciting enhancements.  

Application process went on but with enhanced screening steps to include multiple profile/background evaluations, interview series, structured and gamified challenge exercises.  An important change is the line up of team leader evaluators who interviewed the delegate- applicants.  We invited team leaders who had clear plantilla requirements and expressed their commitment to screen for entry level, project or internship hiring.  

With team leaders aiming to spot the best, brightest and culture-fit future talents, a fresh batch of 90 delegates was chosen. 

–Ciarah Pacheco, Attraction and Assessments Associate



Alumni Homecoming and Networking Nights — Manila and Cebu
Day 0 (Nov. 9) and Day 3 (Nov. 12)

As co-leads of the Alumni Networking Night and Welcome Dinner, we have never felt more excited to meet everyone for Day 0. We spent countless hours preparing for tonight.  

Ms. Nina challenged me to bring the most number of alumni to this AFLBS.  Last year, I  reconnected with 500+ alumni on Facebook. They’re all in our talent pool database now.  But will they physically come to reconnect with us?

I became tenacious.  I painstakingly contacted representatives from every batch of the past 11 years of AFLBS. Aldwin and I are both AFLBS alumni so we made sure we leveraged that.  We reached out to our fellow AFLBS alumni TMs to entice as many.

–Hannah Santioque,  Attraction Associate – Future Talents


True to form, the activity stirred our competitive spirit and posed a challenge, being the batch with the most attendees, Manila and Cebu legs combined. The Networking Night and Welcome Dinner rightfully became the Alumni Homecoming.  

As soon as the doors to the Mayuree Ballroom of the Dusit Hotel opened, delegates and 110 alumni were warmly welcomed by the summit working committee led by our big boss, TA, and Nina. Everyone braved the rain and Manila traffic for the anticipated evening.

In Cebu, Aldwin led the working committee in welcoming 79 alumni with our delegates for the closing networking and homecoming evening.  

–Hannah Santioque, Attraction Associate – Future Talents, and Abby Magtoto, Attraction Associate – Candidate Management



The program opened with a look back video of the past 11 AFLBS editions made all the alumni nostalgic. We led everyone thru activities to get the delegates acquainted and the alumni reacquainted. LinkedIn’s Kahoot online poll game was a big hit.

News5 anchor Mon Gualvez (AFLBS 4), graduate student Kevin Colina (AFLBS 8), and financial advisor Jala Magbuhos (AFLBS 11) all shared their unique AFLBS stories and what of it shaped who they are or influenced their choices since.

The night capped with a group picture per batch and one for all 12 batches. It was ecstatic to see so many Aboitiz Future Business Leaders in one frame!

–Aldwin Dumago, Attraction Officer – Events and Campaigns, AFLBS Program Manager             


Plenary Business Program
Day 1 (Nov. 10) Dusit Thani Manila

I was always very curious about how the business program of the AFLBS would evolve as a result of the initial planning the organizing committee already laid out.  As a program volunteer, I observed and learned what AGILITY looked like.  Firstly, there is no one person who regularly calls people to meetings to check on them. I only knew I was reporting to Aldwin. He always made time to listen and welcomed recommendations.  This greatly helped me to act fast, get things done and move on to the next step.  With a millennial event as dynamic as an AFLBS, this leadership style works perfectly for quick thinking and acting on the fly which was so energizing for me just like all those who are my junior.  Way to go!

Regarding sequencing content for Plenary talks from EIA, TA, DMI, and JJA, I would measure each talk’s impact on the quality of the questions raised by the delegates.  There is not one talk that dominated over the other —  each was significant, unique, and themed to relevance with the students. In several instances, we heard our speakers comment “This is harder than I expected it would be!”  That’s our 12th AFLBS selected talent, sir.  We managed the flow of students who wanted to ask questions fairly well, I would say.  We encouraged them to approach the speakers during breaks or executive dinner.


Another great idea was the BU Break-out Sessions.  I peeked into UnionBank and AboitizLand.  What greatly impressed me was no less than Patrick and Rafa gave the students a truly interesting brief regarding what drives AboitizLand to do the planning that they do to build communities.  Have you ever heard of a property developer who makes its Purpose speak in all of its plans and strategies?  Bow.

Jonathan Yabut, the Philippines’ own Apprentice Asia winner inspired the students to know Grit when it comes knocking at their doors as early as now, in the manner he jumped into every opportunity and focused on what he wanted to get out of every experience.  Ana, Sandro, and Judd further enchanted the students into building up the confidence in pursuing what they believe they are good at.  This part clearly broke into a few students’ hearts and exposed them to their current confusion about how they can continue being inspired even if they believed they would have been better off following their hearts.  All these aptly answered by our 3 speakers, with one clear message:  “Hang on in there.  You will emerge learning something out of your current situation and a stronger person at the end of the day.  Then you will be ready to face the next day.”

–Carl Borromeo, Talent Assessment Manager


I always believed that there is something special about what the organization is doing to harness and develop future talents. As our CHRO said, we need to be on track in attracting leaders for tomorrow. During the Day 1 of the 12th AFLBS, I was speechless as I see history unfold before my eyes.

We got 90 delegates from all over the Philippines and we managed to gather them in under one roof. That is truly amazing! We’ll never know, we might discover a future politician or a CEO as early as now.

Aside from our delegates meeting our leaders–the family members, the executives, and other officers and HR partners, we have also done a great job in introducing the company in the most creative way possible. Breakout sessions were truly informative, our keynote speaker was exceptional, and of course, a new feature was added to capture the attention and heighten the engagement of the students–the career booths.

Talking from an organizer’s perspective, I cannot deny that teamwork is a hardcore value that A-People truly possess. There was never a dull moment when you work with individuals who are carrying the same ideals, principles, and values. Indeed, we really do work with fantastic people, amazing environment, and inspiring leaders!

–Isaac Ern Galang, Engagement and Communications Officer


Site Tours

Day 2 (Nov. 11) Cebu

For the very first time in Summit history, the delegates are traveling together from Manila to Cebu. And what more could get millennials so excited other than travel? We flew the entire group on two different flights to Cebu on Saturday morning. Not even the flight delays brought about by the ASEAN Summit could dampen the high spirits of the delegates.

IMG_2211The Business Unit tours in VECO and City Savings Bank went smoothly as soon as we were briefed for safety by our RAFI facilitators.  VECO COO Anton Perdices welcomed the delegates to the headquarters and even gamely posed with them in front of the giant crane TEREX.  Meanwhile, over in CSB, the delegates gamely posed for their selfies showing the hashtags they created to help boost on social media CSB’s Project Peraparasyon, a CSR initiative on practical wealth management for teachers.

It was actually my first time to join the exclusive tour of the ancestral house of Don Ramon Aboitiz. His grandson Jon Ramon Aboitiz led the tour for the 12th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit delegates. The hallways, each and every room in this ancestral home almost came alive with stories of the experiences and the celebrations of what family and friends would celebrate and recognize. If those walls could speak, you can almost feel the great pride the Aboitizes together with the Morazas must have felt in providing support to one another, be it in business, in cooking delectable family meals or even in living together with the community around them!Indeed the delegates are privileged to be given a chance to tour the 80-year-old house and gain a deeper understanding of the rich history of the Aboitiz family and the conglomerate.

–Aldwin Dumago, Attraction Officer – Events and  Campaigns; AFLBS Program Manager


Outdoor Challenge Program
Day 3, Nov. 12, Kool Adventure Camp

Last November 12, I took part in a one of a kind experience in Kool Adventure Camp — the only fully dedicated adventure education center in the country. Aside from its facilities, I saw the RAFI facilitators impart to the delegates the value of camaraderie and trust in oneself in order to pass the obstacles. In KAC, the delegates were taught how to apply the skills, concepts, and attitudes they have learned from the camp to future life situations as well as to individual and team performance making them, the future leaders and influencers who are ready to build and lead a progressive community. It was a great learning experience for me, too.

–Louise Litonjua, Attraction Events and Admin Coordinator


End, Nov. 14

Bittersweet. Take it from the delegates’ Big Sister who has been taking care of them even before the start of the Summit.  I get attached.  Once I meet delegates, hear their stories and attend to their every need – transportation arrangements, medicines, meals, meal allowance, luggage tags, flight seats, room check-in and out, lost item, lost tel number, lost delegate, etc.  On the last night before the delegates flew back – everyone celebrated, even if we all badly needed sleep

Today, all our delegates will go home. Everyone expressed their gratitude for the opportunity given to them.  I breathed a sigh of gratitude for these personal learnings:

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. – Anonymous

Plan your work then work your plan.  

The inevitable will and can happen. Gracefully hurdle them by supporting each other…. And we did!

Teamwork overflowed.  Multiple snap decisions were made and not without consulting each other.

–Ronnel San Gabriel, Onboarding Project Officer, and Ciarah Pacheco





I am fortunate to have been part of this event: to have worked with a team who overcame hurdles along the way to make this the best AFLBS, and to have met promising students eager to drive change for a better world.

I can’t wait for the next one! :)

Charm Legaspi, Attraction Officer – Candidate Management


Upon witnessing Aboitiz’s eagerness to ignite as well as to nurture the talents of the Future Leaders of our world, I was able to see how Aboitiz values our society by providing a training ground for these young leaders so that they can effectively drive change for us to achieve a better world. This Tale of Two Cities had helped me realize my role not just as an intern but also as a member of the whole team, which enabled me to collaborate and build new friendships with diverse people. This event taught me very well on how you can catch up in a fast-paced working environment. From being a registration area person to being a ninja, who would sneak into the delegates’ rooms to put giveaways, you must be prepared the whole time because you’d never know when your role will change. Though minor, I am still honored for having played a part in that event which brought changes to the lives of those aspiring leaders.

Alyssa Unidad, Intern


Aboitiz Future Talents by the numbers


Following 11 years of successful summits, Aboitiz Group hosted a winning 12th.   It is a product of diligent planning, fun-filled group-wide teamwork and no-dull moment execution.

This 12th summit kickstarted in April and May, working with universities nationwide. The selection teamed up with SBU executives to the actual and post summit activities co-delivered with SBUs Attraction and HR teams, Executives, AFLBS alumni A-talents, Reputation team, interns, vendors and the hardest working and very fulfilled working committee.  We have 90 new graduates joining the 1,081-strong AFLBS alumni.

We are proud of 12th’s many firsts: 2 cities, alumni homecoming program bookends, groupwide career expo, 2 new SBU participation (Republic Cement and Construction), among many others.   At the close, we gave the delegates and all Aboitiz teams in attendance a preview of the Aboitiz Future Challenge earmarked for official launch in 2018.  It is the Group’s Employer Brand vehicle directed at the academe segment.  It is intended to fuel our efforts of Attracting future A-talent pools by the thousands.

–Nina Pedro, Vice President, Aboitiz Group HR






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