Aboitiz team members find their ‘Purpose’ at the Groupwide Simultaneous Tree Planting

In Aboitiz, our Purpose is at the root of every activity our team members take part in. It is what steers our every action and gives meaning to what we do for the environment and our host communities.

During the Aboitiz Groupwide Simultaneous Tree Planting on July 15, team members were tasked to “find their Purpose” and complete the puzzle with others. Our Group Purpose, “to drive change for a better world,” is our WHY. And our ABC, “Advancing Business and Communities,” is our HOW. Through the nationwide tree planting event, A-people were given the opportunity to connect their Purpose and ABC with a meaningful way through which they can help protect the planet.

APRI winners

In creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders, A-People are encouraged to imbibe sustainability at work and at home. It is a mindset deeply embedded in every Aboitiz team member. And it is the same perspective we apply in how we interact with people and our environment.


Nature is the foundation of life on our planet. Without a well-conserved nature, achieving anything else will be impossible. Our purpose for our respective families, communities, and organizations won’t be realized if nature is gone. This is why I annually join my fellow team members in planting trees. The Aboitiz groupwide tree planting is an opportunity for me to demonstrate Teamwork and Responsibility to achieve a #BetterWorld.

-Micah Mendoza, AP Renewables

“Better world,” in my understanding, is about having a vision of making the lives of people more meaningful. In order to fulfill that vision, we must make a move similar to what the Aboitiz Group successfully did by organizing an event that signifies teamwork, perseverance, and care. Tree planting is one of many ideas on how to make the world better, and I am happy that the Aboitiz Group is making that move. I am excited for more activities that the organization will make in the future and I am honored to participate as a member. Truly a great experience!

Tree planting may be an old idea in helping someone’s growth or contributing for a better tomorrow, but tree planting will never be old of an idea enough because it has significant effects on the future. For me, the idea of participating in such an event is a milestone in being a member of Aboitiz Group. Forever a treasure in my life!

-Mark Deson Cuñado, PETNET

A habitable and healthy world where we can grow and thrive cannot be accomplished without nurturing mother nature. These activities serve as a reminder that there is more to just advancing our careers and agenda in life; and that as Aboitiz team members, and as a human beings, we should seek to create a positive impact on our society and the environment in everything that we do. And for that, I thank Aboitiz for giving us a chance to give back to our environment.

-Ruel Jhon Madelo, VECO

Planting trees is like planting hopes, hopes for the future to have a better environment, a better life and a better world. As a member of Aboitiz Group, I am lucky enough to have been given opportunities to help nature be at its best. Nature plays a major role in our pursuit for a better world. It provides us with almost everything for survival. If we continue to plant trees, we can proudly say we made this world better.

-Jenny Bontuyan-Sagario, AboitizPower

Life is a series of challenges and hurdles. It is important to find things that ground us and provide the reason to carry on, even in the toughest times. As a human being going through the experience of life, I should liken myself to a tree with strong roots, unwavering in the face of adversity. I should be able to develop a strong foundation that will ensure my survival and that of my family’s. It is a fact that trees with strong, deep roots are “fearless” in the face of strong winds and relentless downpours. It then follows that strong trees are not just resilient, but provide us with materials for building a sustainable, sturdy home for our families and for generations to come. It is however a symbiotic relationship requiring equal input. Hence, it is imperative for us to plant trees that will flourish over time and secure a brighter, more promising tomorrow for mankind.
The tree planting experience I recently took part in was not just the planting of trees for me. It was symbolic of my commitment to be a better citizen deserving of this beautiful world.
-Jayson Francisco, AboitizPower

Planting trees is like awakening our consciousness – appreciate that every little effort counts. We can make a difference. We can inspire change. And remember that size, number, hierarchical position are not nearly as important as you think it is!

-Kristine Ann Kindica, Aboitiz Construction

Planting trees, together with other team leaders and members, will help us enhance some core values of being an Aboitiz personnel, that are responsibility and teamwork. Teamwork in the sense that we help and join others in planting seedlings and it also opens an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with fellow team members. There will be instances where we tell stories about past tree planting experiences that may bring laughter and joy to other people. And then there is Responsibilty – being responsible in helping taking care of our environment. Planting trees is one way of preventing flash floods and landslides. Also, trees help in the reduction of carbon emissions, which is hazardous to our society and the environment.

Nature is very important in the pursuit of a better world. Better world does not only focus on the development of individuals but also on the development and improvement of the society and environment we live in. Living in a quiet, peaceful, clean community is one contributing factor to consider to determine if we are indeed headed towards a better world.
-John Raymond Magadia, APRI

One of the events I’m looking forward to in Aboitiz every year is the tree planting. This gives me the opportunity to help nature restore and maintain its prime. Planting trees will not only give me fulfilment, but also relief that I’m doing my responsibility to the community.

Nature’s role in our pursuit for a “better world” is emphasizing our responsibility to not only do good to people, but also to our surroundings. Moreover, A-trees will help us build a better world by fighting climate change.
-Anna Ariane Gamboa, AboitizPower

Planting trees is one of the best things we can do for the local environment and for the planet. It provides an opportunity for involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

​It is a reminder of our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth.​
​​When we plant trees, we ​think for the future, for other people, for the next generation​.
​When we plant trees, we ​change people lives for the better. ​
-Lorebel Echavez, Therma Marine

On that day, 4,068 volunteers simultaneously planted 114,307 trees across 24 sites all over the Philippines. The seedlings are part of our goal to plant 9 million trees by 2020. The Aboitiz Groupwide Simultaneous Tree Planting is the Aboitiz way of helping our government with its national greening efforts. It is also our contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 15, which seeks to protect our terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity.
By joining in Group events that aim to restore and preserve our planet’s forests, and help provide livelihood opportunities to our host communities by planting fruit-bearing trees, A-People are able to perform their role under our larger purpose: to drive change for a better world.