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Teamwork and innovation create a better way


Since a fews months ago, VECO was able to save PHP2.4 million from the hauling. For long-term benefits to VECO customers, we are planning to institutionalize this.

-Dante Misterio, VECO Motorpool Department Head

VECO continues to find ways to save and, at the same time, upgrade; it is part of the company’s commitment to deliver  better and quality service to its customers. Such is the case when it embarked on an innovative practice to haul its mobile substation.The 20-ton mobile substation sits on a trailer and can only be moved from one substation to another by employing a prime mover truck. Because of its complexity in transportation, a third-party contractor charges PHP1.2 million per haul.

A few months back, instead of getting a contractor for transport, the Motorpool Department was tasked to perform the hauling using its own manpower and resources. Transporting the large equipment has to be done by an expert driver with the aid of lookouts. Because of the weight and width of the substation, the movement has to be done at night.

Now, VECO has already formed a prime mover team composed of eight people who will take charge of the hauling and transporting of the mobile substation whenever it is needed.

The mobile substation is designed to enhance the power availability of any substation by serving as backup. Its 33 megavolt-ampere capacity can also deliver power supply to customers during emergency and scheduled substation maintenance. The substation can cater to over 20,000 households.