THI bullish on 2015 growth

  • Slated for delivery this year are 18 THI ships
  • “This year, we aim to do more and better than we have in the past years.”–THI’s Akihiko Mishima

Plans to expand Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.’s (THI’s) operations are in the pipeline this year.2015 will see THI deliver 18 ships: three 35,300 deadweight metric ton (dwt) type; seven 58,000 dwt type, three of which are TESS58 AEROLINE; seven 82,000 dwt type; and one 180,000 dwt type cape-size bulk carrier.“Since the completion of the first ship, M/V Sea Amelita, in 1997, the capacity to build the number of ship orders gradually increased and new Tsuneishi ship brands were produced. This year, we aim to do more and better than we have in the past years,” Akihiko Mishima, THI President and CEO, said.

In an effort to strengthen cost competitiveness, THI aims to build 25 to 30 vessels per year. This capacity to build more began in 2005 when former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo inaugurated Slipway No. 2. In 2009, the new building dock was completed. From these facilities, the production capacity increased to an average of 20 ships per year.

On the human resource development front, 2015 will see more training in headquarters. This program aims to enhance team members’ business skills and expertise in headquarters through on-thejob- training. Trainees study and learn to speak Nihongo, allowing them to better communicate with their counterparts in Japan. The human resource program is categorized into three: one year training for engineers and admin staff, and two to three years training for technical workers.

“Over the past two decades we have done technical trainings at our shipbuilding center and sent over 1,536 Filipino team members to Japan where they acquired additional technical skills. Currently there are 224 engineers, skilled workers and admin staff training in Tsuneishi Shipbuilding-Japan,” Mishima said.