tree for my paper


Third graders learn to grow trees from Republic Batangas team

By Myle Macalam | Published April 24, 2017


The team of Republic Cement Batangas Plant takes their role as the community’s partner in developing the youth living in their host barangays very seriously. For this year, they got them actively involved in growing trees out of seeds to strengthen the youth’s love for our planet earth.

The program called “My Tree for My Pen and Paper” started in January and aims to educate the youth about the importance of the environment and its impact on people and get them to learn to love and protect our environment.

Over 200 third graders from the elementary schools of Mapulo, Bilogo, Sico and Bagong Silang, participated in the project. The students, with the help of their teachers and principals, were asked to plant seeds of the caballero or fire tree and nurture these into young plants. Once the seedlings sprout and grow bigger, they can exchange these for school supplies that they will need for the coming academic year.



To prepare the children to participate in the program, the Project Team organized learning sessions where Community Relations Manager Gina Ceniza taught them the proper way to grow trees while Environment Officer Sharry Apud briefed them about Climate Change. The children were then provided with planting materials such as seeds, small plastic bags and wooden pallets. Eager to get started, the students proceeded with their tasks in a selected corner of the school grounds while their teachers gave their full support by monitoring the growth and development of the seedlings.

The second phase of the program will happen on Earth Day, April 21, the day when students, teachers, Republic employees and other volunteers will plant these and other trees in the quarry area of the plant. By growing trees out of seeds, these children are not only helping build a greener future for their fellow Batanguenos, but they are also lightening the load of their parents as the seedlings will be exchanged for school supplies courtesy of Republic Cement’s Batangas Plant, the program’s sponsor.