Tsuneishi unveils pioneering ‘eco-ship’

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc. launched its first “eco-ship,” a vessel that is equipped with energy-saving technologies.

The TESS58 Aeroline or the SC-220 is a 58,000 deadweight metric ton (DWT) type bulk carrier. It is a premium class vessel featuring the higher fuel efficiency design of the TESS58 model. It is equipped with a newly developed Aeroline technology that reduces wind resistance.

The vessel is also designed for low fuel consumption. It is equipped with efficient and energy-saving propellers and is supported with a system that boosts engine fuel efficiency.

Our shipbuilding business led by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding is continuously seeking ways to build ships that are competitive in quality, price, delivery lead time and eco-friendly performance. We are building Tsuneishi flagship products, and therefore we are united to deliver excellent ships. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries has maintained and always will have ‘Only the Best, World-Class Tsuneishi Quality.

– Akihiko Mishima, President, Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.

Tsuneishi  is keen on building ships with minimal impact on the environment that is economical to sail. These innovations will help the firm reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 40 percent and get an eight star sea green score by 2020. Its current CO2 emission rate is 23 percent.

The shipbuilding firm is looking forward to capitalizing on the Philippine’s economic growth by becoming the “mother shipyard” among Southeast Asian countries with Balamban being positioned as the “Shipbuilding Capital of the Philippines.”

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