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How UnionBank boosts team member wellness with LEED

UnionBank Sustainability Team | February 26, 2018

With the average Filipino worker spending at least 41.4 hours weekly* in the workplace, team members’ workplace wellness becomes a business essential. At UnionBank, we recognize this need and are bringing our team members the workplace sustainability.


The Bank’s headquarters, UnionBank Plaza, is powered by Cleanergy, the Aboitiz Power’s brand on clean and renewable energy


UnionBank Plaza 34th floor is a vibrant workspace for our employees and has earned a LEED Gold Certification, a global stamp for sustainability and green building practice. Platform 34, as we call it, is a biophilic modern-industrial design of space that integrates green elements inside the office area. The workplace space was designed with three key pillars in mind—sustainability, wellbeing, and collaboration.



LEED-certified spaces support workplace wellness and are designed to have healthier, cleaner indoor environmental quality, which means health benefits for occupants (USBGC, 2013). The LEED credit category for indoor environmental quality (EQ) reflects the commitment to occupant health and comfort (USBGC/Benjamin, 2018).

According to a survey released from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), employees in LEED-certified spaces are happier, healthier and more productive than employees in conventional and non-LEED spaces. The survey also tells that a majority of office workers want to work for companies that are value-oriented, take stances on important issues like sustainability, and do their part for making a positive difference in the world. In fact, 84% of respondents prefer to work for a company that has a strong, concrete mission and positive values.



Named ‘Best Company to Work for in Asia’ at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards, UnionBank promotes a workplace where people thrive in an agile environment—a space where employees innovate and feel well. Our sustainability strategy focuses on the synergy of People, Planet, and Purpose. We believe that what is good for the environment positively impacts our employees and ultimately beneficial to our business. UnionBank currently has 19 LEED-Certified branches and office spaces that support not only the environmental sustainability of our operations but also the overall well-being of our people.







*Philippine Statistics Authority Labor Force Survey 2018