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UnionBank launches maiden Sustainability Report

We proudly present to you the Bank’s sustainability framework that defines how we want to do more: a three-pillar approach for Purpose, Planet, and People through Smart Banking. This renewed framework, launched during our first Sustainability Week, builds on the UnionBank DNA and strengthens our commitment to truly make the difference in the lives of our stakeholders.

– Justo A. Ortiz, Chairman and CEO

At UnionBank, we believe that to be a Bank of enduring greatness, we have to look beyond profit.

This report is aptly titled Driven by a Higher Purpose, because only by looking beyond profit can we truly Make Da Diff, and help make lives better.

This report will show how we have done right by our stakeholders. We commit to annually report the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our performance. In this report, you will find disclosures regarding the approaches we have taken to managing them, relevant data sets to show our performance, and highlights on our key milestones and achievements.

We do this by putting our customers first, constantly reinventing ourselves to provide the best products and services. We innovate—both internally and externally—working with the Bank’s partners, supporting our communities, and protecting the environment. This way, we remain resilient in changing times. As a bank of choice, we do not walk ahead, but stand side-by-side with all our stakeholders.

UnionBank at its 35th year is faced with opportunities and challenges. As we welcome the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we expect volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. But amidst this turbulence, we stand excited and confident of our part in this transformational journey we call human progress. This is because we have the constancy of a higher purpose.

– Edwin Bautista, President and COO


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