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UnionBank makes digital shopping safe and easy with EON Duo

Building on the inroads paved by the EON Cyber Account, the first bank account specially designed for digital commerce, UnionBank goes all in and strategically niches EON as a truly digital bank, a vital beat in the march towards digital transformation.

UnionBank launches EON Duo

With co-creation as its ethos, EON is tuned in to the digital consumer – a segment of one, always online, and socially-engaged. EON boosts ahead with FIRSTS, remodelling the traditional to digital, harnessing best-in-class technology to deliver a truly digital and totally delightful banking experience.

With EON Duo, customers enjoy a digital credit card specially designed to give its customers peace of mind when shopping online, like in Amazon and eBay, or paying for services in apps like Uber and Spotify.

It’s all digital! The customer’s credit card details are safely kept, yet easily accessible through the EON app or logging in to the EON website. Customers also enjoy on-time paperless billing and real-time alerts.

Through the EON app or logging in to the EON website, customers can lock their card at anytime and no charges will be allowed. Customers can also change their CVV, the three-digit number normally found at the back of a plastic credit card, but unlike a plastic credit card, customers can change it whenever they please with EON Duo. Moreover, customers can spare themselves of the hassle of unwanted websites and apps charging their account for purchases they didn’t do. They can come up with a list of trusted webstores and only charges from these stores will be allowed to go through.

When customers get an EON Duo, they also get an EON Lite account free of annual fees.  If they pay their bill using their EON Lite account, their payment is posted immediately. They also get their free subscription to My Shopping Box.

Leaning on the wisdom and insatiable passion of its devout community of users, and taking advantage of its agility and access to the latest technology, EON trailblazes innovations and breakthroughs to define and enrich the digital banking experience, future-proofing UnionBank from all corners through the digital front.

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