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VECO supports renewable energy through net metering

The Visayan Electric Company, Inc. (VECO) is encouraging its customers who have existing solar facilities to enroll in the Net Metering program.

Residential or commercial customers who have existing solar facilities that have a capacity of 100kw and below are eligible for enrollment in the Net Metering program, the first policy mechanism of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, which has already been fully implemented.

We are encouraging those who already have solar technology in their homes to enroll in the VECO Net Metering Program. This way we can install the correct metering system and they get to earn more from selling the excess power generated from their system. -Anton Mari G. Perdices, Chief Operating Officer, VECO

The Net Metering Program allows customers of distribution utilities to install an on-grid Renewable Energy (RE) facility not exceeding 100 kilowatts (kW) in capacity so they can generate electricity for their own use.

Any electricity generated that is not consumed by the customer is automatically exported

to the DU’s distribution system. The DU then gives a peso credit for the excess electricity received equivalent to the DU’s blended generation cost, excluding other generation adjustments, and deducts the credits earned to the customer’s electric bill.

Aside from the opportunity to earn extra for excess power generated by their solar facility, VECO customers who are not yet enrolled in the Net Metering Program will also be able to get the correct metering system that is intended for customers who are using solar technology.

The VECO Net Metering Program uses a bi-directional metering system that records the power that a customer buys from VECO, as well as the solar power that the customer sells to VECO.

VECO’s biggest Net Metering customer based on capacity is Cebu-based Sunpride Foods, Inc., a meat processing company. Sunpride Foods joined the VECO’s Net Metering Program in 2015 with a capacity of 96kw.

Sunpride Marketing Manager Don Hanley T. Wong said the solar power that they generate is basically used to power their slaughterhouse facility.

VECO, the second largest electric utility company in the Philippines, is a subsidiary of AboitizPower and Vivant Corporation. It has a total of 53 net metering customers to date, with a total capacity of 413kw. Seven of these customers are commercial while the rest are residential. It started offering the Net Metering Program in 2013 with only one customer and a total capacity of 3kW.




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