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Watch the Aboitiz Construction 2017 Corporate Video

In 2017, Aboitiz Construction, Inc. is leveraging the Aboitiz brand as it positions its business as a full-service engineering and construction (E&C) company. Get to know the company and its values that empower its team members to drive change for a better world.



We strive and we will continue to adhere to the principles of delivering quality products.

We only have four generic objectives: Completing the project on time, on budget, with quality, and safely. If we do all the four, that assures the continued partnership with our clients and stakeholders.

–Alberto A. Ignacio Jr., President & Chief Operating Officer, ACI 



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The primary thing that makes us stand out is we are part of Aboitiz. We carry the values that go with Aboitiz. That’s a very big competitive advantage we have because we can leverage our reputation, the name is trusted and a lot of companies trust us.

–Jaime Jose Aboitiz, Chairman, ACI



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