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Weather Solutions closes deal with SN Aboitiz for sustainable hydro plants

Jam Salazar | June 21, 2018

Vagaries in weather could affect electricity supply and demand, which in turn can drive pricing. Optimum generation from sources like hydro and solar can be achieved with the use of accurate weather data. In this regard, Weather Solutions, the first weather-centric social enterprise founded by the Aboitiz Group, recently closed a deal with hydropower development company SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP).

Currently, SNAP is using Weather Solutions’ real-time and forecast data in their watershed operations. Through this engagement, SNAP is able to quantify rainfall patterns and determine how much input will be available in the watershed and hydropower plants.


SN Aboitiz Power is a hydropower development company, operating exclusively in emerging markets.


Because of the readily available weather data in their hands, SNAP is able to make sound decisions concerning its operations. They can also reassess a lot of their existing processes and develop new methodologies.


We are advocating for businesses, especially internal and Aboitiz-led groups, to start considering and using weather analytics in their operations. As we progress in this engagement with SN Aboitiz Power, we will be on the lookout for more innovative ways to improve their current models.

–Jojo Marasigan
Weather Solutions


According to SNAP President Joseph S. Yu, they are looking forward to creating digital dashboards and fully automated real-time monitoring of watershed levels, all of which will be highly dependent on meteorological inputs coming from Weather Solutions.