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WeatherPhilippines, WxBunka collab to improved AWS network

Jam Salazar | Feb. 12, 2018

In 2016, WeatherPhilippines partnered with WxBunka Foundation of Japan to create a weather-preparedness culture that is deeply embedded in the Filipino consciousness. To help WeatherPhilippines improve its services, WxBunka Foundation donated JPY 2.5M (PhP1.7M).

This donation covered the conversion of Eastern Visayas Automated Weather Stations (AWS) into solar-powered units. This year, we are able to facilitate the conversion of 50 AWS to solar-powered units, thanks to this fruitful partnership.

Through this partnership, Japan and the Philippines can build a weather culture that sustainably saves lives, and enhances livelihoods.

–Jiro Miyabe, Head Director, WxBunka Foundation

The 50 locations selected for conversion were based on the priority meteorological sites, meaning these are the top areas that are usually affected by severe weather systems in the Philippines.

After the conversion, the solar-powered AWS now need less human intervention and can go unmanned for months, with only minimal supervision and maintenance needed. Also, since they are now solar-powered, the weather stations have minimal to no offline time at all; it will still operate even during power interruptions caused by severe weather conditions.

With this conversion, the services provided by WeatherPhilippines’ AWS to the priority meteorological sites has been improved. We have now ensured smoother operations and fewer down times, especially during times of weather-related needs.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our services to the Filipino community; with this, we are working double time to increase the number of inclusive partnerships that will help us advance our technology and broaden our engagement capabilities.”

-Dave Valeriano, General Manager, WeatherPhilippines

Valeriano added that through these efforts, the Foundation is moving towards better initiatives of advancing business and communities through the nationwide #WeatherWiser campaign.

WxBunka Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Weather News Inc., which considers the importance of unconventional wisdom and out-of-the-box thinking for the development practical weather-based applications. The Foundation grants awards and financial assistance to innovators whose contributions are aligned to the creation of a “weather culture.”