Where is A-Park, you ask?

Aboitiz Eyes Team | July 6, 2018

“Where is A-Park?”

Before we can answer this question, it’s first important to understand that the name “A-Park” refers to both a physical place and a concept.

A-Park, in a tangible sense, is the hectares upon hectares of land where trees have been planted by our team members and our partners. It’s the patches of green all over the Philippines where seedlings are grown so that these may, one day, grow into thriving forests and help us maintain the quality of the air we breathe.

A-Park, in an abstract sense, is a movement native to the Aboitiz Group. It is our contribution to our government’s National Greening Program. Through it, we are one of the largest private-sector partners of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in protecting and preserving our forestlands, while giving livelihood opportunities to our host communities.

Year after year, the Aboitiz Group has witnessed the seedlings of A-Park grow into small trees, a symbol of our promise to help restore our forest covers and plant 9 million trees by 2020.

As of mid-2018, we have achieved great things in our A-Park journey:

Since it began in 2003, A-Park has sequestered 119,500 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, greatly surpassing our 52,000 tons CO2e business consumption as of year-end 2017. And thanks to our partners and stewards in many parts of the country who care for our trees, the seedlings that we once planted can continue to grow for many more years.


A-PARK OVER THE YEARS. Considerable progress have been made in growing the trees of A-Park. With the help of our partner farmers and landowners, we have attained a seedling survival rate of 80%.


A-Park is all around us, steadily growing, helping us breathe cleaner air, and providing families sustainable means to live. As we grow as a company, this is how we will advance business and communities – by never losing sight of our responsibility to our environment and to those who will inherit the planet from us. And in realizing that shared duty, we acknowledge that, ultimately, A-Park is us.