YMA 9 scholars pledge support for disaster preparedness and humanitarian response

  • Program’s experiential learning, community visits, and immersions are anchored on urban dev’t
  • 8-month training preps youth to become responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens

The latest batch of scholars of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. – Young Minds Academy (RAFI-YMA) have taken an oath to develop projects for disaster preparedness and humanitarian response during the YMA Alumni Engagement Awards held recently at the RAFI Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (RAFI – EADSC) in Cebu City.

The 119 participants for YMA’s ninth season completed an eight-month training program of experiential learning sessions, community visits, immersions, and project development anchored on urban development, with emphasis on disaster preparedness and humanitarian response.

“The youth is the beneficiary of the change that we, adults, create. But instead of them just being the beneficiaries, we want the youth to be a component of that change,” said RAFI President Roberto Aboitiz.

The scholars also signed their names on a covenant to abide by the guidelines of and fulfill all requirements under their pledge for their chosen communities. RAFI Chief Operating Officer Dominica B. Chua encouraged the scholars, saying that their commitment signifies “a dream that you will become the best leaders that YMA has ever produced.”

YMA is a youth leadership and citizenship development program of the RAFI – EADSC and aims to develop young men and women to becoming responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens who are ready to serve the public and its interests.