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ACO-Cebu Celebrates UnionBank and PETNET Homecoming

"Imagine this like a family reunion, a moment when loved ones from distant places come together."

Anton Perdices, Chief Operating Officer, AboitizPower Distribution Group

It was a day of homecoming and high spirits as PETNET and UnionBank officially opened their doors within the bustling walls of ACO-Cebu. The event, held on September 1, marked a significant milestone for the Group, bringing together the two companies under one roof alongside other Aboitiz companies for the first time ever.

The festivities commenced with a symbolic Ribbon Cutting ceremony. AboitizPower Distribution Chief Operating Officer Anton Perdices and UnionBank Chief Financial Officer Dmi Lozano stood side by side, scissors in hand, to mark the beginning of this new era.

In his opening remarks, Anton Perdices expressed his gratitude for the move and the sense of belonging that ACO-Cebu now offers.

"Imagine this like a family reunion, a moment when loved ones from distant places come together. Just as each member brings something unique to the family, our combined efforts will undoubtedly lead to unparalleled success. This is your home now, where you belong, and where your contributions will shape the future.”

Collaboration was the key message of the day, and it echoed throughout the event. As employees from different companies interacted and forged connections, the promise of working together towards common goals became more tangible. ACO-Cebu is not just a physical location but a melting pot of talent and ideas where innovation and growth are fostered through unity.

Dmi Lozano, excited about the new opportunities that ACO-Cebu brings, delivered a heartfelt message. "May we establish intentional collaborations across the SBUs since we’re just quite literally one step away from each other,” he remarked. “May all of you enjoy working with each other in the ACO office and create good relationships and memories.

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