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Giving Back Is A Year-Round Activity For A-People

By Gia Mendoza

2019 was a year of reaching great heights for our team members in Aboitiz. For some, it’s moving to a new role, getting a Quill award for a project, or simply overcoming difficult tasks as a team member. This year, by anchoring on our Aboitiz value of Teamwork and Responsibility, another milestone has been reached by the collective effort of the team members across the Aboitiz Group.

By living and embracing these values, multiple activities have been done throughout the year to raise funds for the annual Christmas Outreach, a whopping Php578,692 was generated from fundraising activities and a total of Php 1,154,870 from KINDer — the highest fundraising amount to date all thanks to the A-People for their dedication and big hearts to give back to the community.

The Aboitiz team members are passionate about finding ways to give back. Fueled by their creativity, team members were able to come up with various fundraising activities that go beyond your typical bake sales.

For Taguig-based team members, it’s been known that a little friendly competition is an effective way to raise funds. Here is a run down of the successful fundraising activities:

Trivia Night

Aboitiz Equity Ventures headed the annual Trivia Night held last September 2019 that put the team member’s wits to the test where teams were able to buy “power ups” to easily advance as the trivia night winners.

And if there’s a Trivia Night in Manila, Cebu will definitely not miss out on the fun. They had their own test of general knowledge with matching “power ups”. Thanks to Pilmico, the exciting Cebu Trivia Night was a success!

Pair Pong 2.0

A ping pong match was headed by Pilmico Food Corp, entitled Pair Pong 2.0, where team members showed off their backhand swings and drop shots as only one pair will be crowned the champions.

A-October to Remember

Of course, the team members across the group also know how to kick back, relax, and sing along at A-October to Remember where Aboitiz’s very own talents showcased their vocals and music skills. The night also included simultaneous activities like beer pong and darts.

What I love about our CSR efforts is the teamwork shown by our A-People, their willingness to give back to the community, not just because it's in our company values, but because we see the value in giving and helping through our everyday life here in Aboitiz. - Erika Tan, AEV

The Aboitiz Group’s very own A-Clubs contributed big numbers as well. Members of the A-Balleros had their annual “Hoops for A Cause” where teams from the different BUs battled it out for the crown. Another game on court was held by the A-Smashers as the group spearheaded their first “Smash For A Cause” badminton tournament where professionals and enthusiasts played to win.

Another competitive event was led by the A-Bowlers, “Bowl For A Cause”, where members and non-members of the club played against each other over a fun game of bowling. For the A-Shooters, a “Shoot for a Cause” was held for Aboitiz team members and their families to join in on the fun. Musik-A, on the other hand, planned a concert for a cause called “Overtime vol. 2”, where members of the club were able to perform and belt out their favorite tunes, while A-People bopped their heads and mingled throughout the night.

All proceeds from the A-Club fundraising projects were coursed through KINDer, a platform where people can make a difference by supporting a cause close to their hearts. To donate to a cause that matters to you, you may visit their website at http://kinder.aboitiz.com.

Meanwhile, in Cebu, another line up of activities for a cause transpired. The following activities were:

Shop for A Cause Travel Sale

AboitizLand led a Shop for A Cause where Team Members could shop for travel gear to satisfy their globetrotter hearts.

Rummage Sale and Market Day

A great way to recycle pre-loved items, yet raise funds was through the rummage sale and bidding of household appliances which was led by AEV. There was also a Market Day where employees were able to shop for fresh produce, while supporting farmer’s cooperatives based in Cebu.

School Supplies For A Cause

AboitizPower also had their share for raising funds by selling school supplies. No doubt, this sale was a hit for the employees. On top of the earnings, they donated school bags to their chosen charity.

As an A-Person, giving back to the community completes my purpose in the organization. It's one thing to be able to deliver the tasks that I am expected to do, it's another when I am able to contribute to the pressing social needs in the community. Through CSR, I can live out our ABC. - Bryle Mendaros, AboitizLand

Of course the A-Clubs based in Cebu did not miss out on the opportunity to give back, as well. Cebu-based A-Club, Sew Very Happy, got to work and sold pouches and bags made solely by hand and earned two times more than what they projected.

On the other hand, The Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team gave back by partnering with the Cebu Pink Paddlers in a coastal clean up where a total of 21 bags were filled and properly disposed of. Aboitiz Women’s Club also organized their first “Adopt A School” CSR project wherein they supported teachers and students by donating school supplies.

Through the numerous fund raising projects, which are all done through volunteerism, the values of responsibility and teamwork are strongly lived out by the A-People from Manila to Cebu. This company culture that has been fostered since the 1900s is what makes them uniquely Aboitiz.  These values are what has kept Aboitiz in the game in advancing business and communities the past 100 years and for the next centuries to come.

Come and be part of this bigger cause! Join our talent community at https://aboitiz.wgtrm.com/ and create a future built by you.

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