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Celebrating Recognition Night With A Kaleidoscope Of Achievements

The Aboitiz Recognition Night, one of the most anticipated events in the Aboitiz Group, pays homage to the dedicated service excellence, exceptional loyalty and hard work, and the invaluable contributions our A-People have accomplished each year. With this year’s theme of “Spectrum”, team members decked out in a band of colors, representing the different backgrounds, roles, personalities, interests, and points of view, yet finding meaning in the Group’s common purpose and our unique culture, the Aboitiz Way.



Notes by EMA: A Few Simple Qualifications in Leadership

The Aboitiz Eyes team tells me that our readers have a great interest in leadership. That is good news because, at the end of the day, we have seen that people work for people, and not for companies. We would like them to be loyal to institutions and, of course, that is an educational and cultural goal, but they work for individuals — individuals they look up to, respect, learn from, are engaged by, motivated by, and have fun. “Fun” here being so much more binding of the above than too many realize.