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AEV Launches Flexible Benefits Program: MyBen

For more than a hundred years, the heart of Aboitiz lies in its A-People. At its core, it is the A-People who drive the business and create milestones that have brought Aboitiz to where it is today. Because of this, there’s no doubt that the company takes care of its greatest asset-- its very own leaders and members.

One way of doing this is by ensuring the employee retention and engagement programs are constantly revisited and carefully tailored just for them. AEV’s Corporate HR decided to level up on their competitive benefits package by introducing a flexible benefits package that fits the lifestyle of each individual.

Last January, the flexible benefits program of AEV, MyBen, was launched. With MyBen, this aims to increase engagement, promote work-life integration, improve performance and productivity, and enhance the overall talent experience. Housed in the new internal system of AEV, MyBen automatically showcases the available benefits that a team leader or team member is eligible for depending on their level and tenure. Consequently, when Team Leaders and Team Members choose to sell the benefits, MyBen automatically converts these to the corresponding points, so there’s no need to manually compute. All they have to think about is the benefits they want to convert, sell, and buy.

I would like to commend the team for the MyBen. I was able to flex my benefits already. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. -Yeh Cruz, AFI
I really like MyBen because it will enable me to benefit from the company benefits that I never really availed of in the past. -Joyce Casas, TACS

MyBen is purely voluntary, meaning for those who find that the current benefits package already fits them, they are not obliged to flex their benefits. Given this, 88% of the whole AEV population joined to convert, sell, and buy. Most of the A-People decided to sell five days of their allotted sick leaves and have opted to convert these points to gift certificates or cash, which they may use to cater to other needs.

I like the MyBen program as it gives the TMs flexibility on how to maximize the company benefits. The platform is user friendly and easy to use. I like the simulate first function as it allows me to plan the allocation of the points that I flexed. -Glecer Bautista, IT

AEV Corporate HR continues to seek ways on how to improve customer satisfaction of team leaders and members. In the years to come, improvements shall be made for MyBen and perhaps other benefits may be made available to adapt to our fast-changing environment. Until then, this new way of catering to the needs of the A-People has received two thumbs up from AEV’s team leaders and team members.

Do you want to know more about MyBen and experience it for yourself? Join our Talent Community today!

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