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Notes By EMA | Privacy Is Power

Aboitiz Family & Firm Educational Series


Enrique Aboitiz Mendieta
02 - 20 - 2021

Dear all,

Privacy is a theme of the day. The memetic effect that life has on people may put it on top of some agenda for some real reason. We know the right reason — people want privacy. We all know there is quite a bit of myth in what people say because they act differently.

Carissa argues that anyone taking DNA test is violating the privacy of his passed away parents and his relative. That the individual has the legal right to do so, does not necessarily make it acceptable. Much that is legal may not be acceptable or morally right.

She argues that taking fotos of your children in their naturals and sending it all over town is violating the rights of that child. Some that are coming to age now are taking it against their parents — i.e. that violation of their rights. They enter puberty and they realise that fotos of them slightly juicy are all over the internet. Some teenagers are more than displeased.

More importantly, she explains how everyone about you is everywhere, almost no matter what you do about it. It can be curtailed but not avoided unless you return to pen and paper.

You may want to know.

It's a short read and can be listened to at 1.5x speed while you are on your treadmill or in the car.

For better and better, smarter and smarter as we play the Infinite Game.


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