Apo Agua joins WMC 5th Watershed Stakeholders’ Summit

Apo Agua served as an event partner of the The Davao City Watershed Management Council, where water and watershed-related issues and concerns in Davao City are discussed and addressed, with this year’s theme: “Connecting Watershed Stakeholders in Davao City from Ridge-to-Reef through Sustainable and Active Partnerships.”


Why Manila Needs The Green Jeepney

“Let’s not wait for the air to be too hard to breathe for us to start something. We need to be proactive rather than reactive. In a world where the only thing constant is change… then we need to know when to embrace what change is good.”

"Our jeepney as an icon is as Filipino as it gets. We have all ridden it to school, or to work or to market." –EMA


Saving the humble jeepney (REPOST)

“A company called QEV Philippines—a venture led by Endika Aboitiz, Enrique Banuelos, and Jose Maria Roger—wants to partner with local jeepney manufacturers to shift some 50,000 diesel jeepneys into cleaner electric-powered vehicles ‘at a reasonable cost’.”

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Cover Story

Aboitiz AgoraCon fortifies the road to digital transformation

AGORA, the Aboitiz Group’s intranet portal, has managed to increase team member engagement and revolutionize information distribution across the group. Last August 3 and 4, content creators, admins, and key decision makers from HR, communications, and IT from different BUs gathered at SMX SM Aura not just to celebrate the portal’s milestones, but to seek ways of improving each group’s AGORA experience.