Notes by EMA


Notes by EMA: On Attention & Engagement, 24 x 60 x 60, and the 996 Work Ethic

Today’s world is complex and complicated — the complex being challenging to understand, and the complicated being of many moving parts. It is also changing rapidly from all sectors and corners. Both the complexity and complicatedness of the world need intelligence for it to be broken down into simpler forms to be better understood — the former needing knowledge and the latter requiring experience.


Notes by EMA: Teamwork

Teamwork is a word that is often used and, perhaps, not understood at depth. At its most superficial levels, it is about getting along. That understanding is of the concept is what those who end up last in a competition manifest in their everyday behavior – pat people on the back and tell them how great they all are, no matter what they have done.


Notes by EMA: A Few Simple Qualifications in Leadership

The Aboitiz Eyes team tells me that our readers have a great interest in leadership. That is good news because, at the end of the day, we have seen that people work for people, and not for companies. We would like them to be loyal to institutions and, of course, that is an educational and cultural goal, but they work for individuals — individuals they look up to, respect, learn from, are engaged by, motivated by, and have fun. “Fun” here being so much more binding of the above than too many realize.

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Notes by EMA: The Western Levant

“Arafat died with 750 million US dollars in his personal estate. Had it not been for the creation of the State of Israel, he would have been known to his mother at most. The Jews had been forgotten before World War II. Where is the Coptic Church, anybody? Who would give a care about the Mossad?”

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Notes by EMA: Conventional Wisdom & China

Yukon Huang – watch him on YouTube to get a full picture. This is a summary of what he thinks. I have learned from him. I have never liked conventional wisdom and have sought those that help me challenge the same; not for the sake of challenge but because in a world that is rapidly changing and adapting, conventional wisdom cannot generally be the best path forward.

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Notes by EMA: More on Leadership…

I have received requests to share with you my thoughts and experience on leadership with more articles for Aboitiz Eyes. I am happy to do so yet must clarify again that these are my thoughts and those that I have learned from others. None of us get all of this right and that is what makes life so wonderful – the joy of improvement and of achieving better ways.

Data Storytelling (15)


Jack Ma – Alibaba

Alibaba is a company that is 18 years old, and it dreams of 2 billion customers all over the world and a trillion dollars of revenue by its 20th anniversary. Of that number of customers, 1.2 billion will be from outside China.


Why Manila Needs The Green Jeepney

“Let’s not wait for the air to be too hard to breathe for us to start something. We need to be proactive rather than reactive. In a world where the only thing constant is change… then we need to know when to embrace what change is good.”

QEV jeepney


Speech by Endika Aboitiz at the QEV E-Jeepney Launch

“Earlier this year, we flew a jeepney to QEV Tech Barcelona’s R&D center to assess how to improve their electrification and we are working on that. We could not wait so we brought in to Manila a half a dozen QEV engineers to work with a local jeepney manufacturing expert, the original makers of the jeepney themselves, the Saraos, to finally convert our quaint and unique jeepneys to electric.”