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ACO-Cebu's Spooktacular Halloween Bash!

Ghosts, goblins, and good times - ACO-Cebu recently hosted a spook-tacular Halloween celebration that brought out the creative spirit in everyone. The ACO building was transformed into a Halloween haven, where team members and employees from 10 business units and external companies showcased their wickedly imaginative side in the Office Design Competition.

The haunted lineup included BUs such as UnionBank, Aboitiz Construction, APDU, Pilmico, Aboitiz Land, Unity Digital, AIC, AEV, and even two non-Aboitiz companies - RTRK and Office Solutions IT. Each team poured their heart and soul into creating an otherworldly office space that left everyone bewitched.

When the dust (or cobwebs) settled, the winners emerged from the fog. The coveted 1st place in the Office Design Competition went to the Bank, with Pilmico following closely in 2nd place. Their spine-chilling designs truly raised the bar for creativity within the ACO family.

UnionBank earned top marks for its brilliant recreation of Alice in Wonderland.

But it wasn't just about the desks and decor - the ACO teams also showed off their Halloween spirit through their costumes. Winstons Gonzaga from UnionBank and Caren Abing from Pilmico bewitched the crowd with their outfits, earning them the title of Best Costume for Team Members.

Little Monsters Unleashed

Our Halloween bash wasn't just for the big monsters! Around 200 little ghouls, witches, and superheroes descended upon the ACO-Cebu building, adding an extra layer of adorableness to the celebration. The smiles on their faces were as bright as a jack-o'-lantern.

Where Synergy Meets Spookiness!

In the true spirit of the A+ 10 Core Behaviors, our celebration embodied Synergy through collaboration, Innovation through creativity, and, most importantly, FUN! It was a reminder that even in the midst of ghostly challenges, our team knows how to come together and create a spellbinding experience. This Halloween, ACO-Cebu proved that when it comes to work and play, we know how to mix business with pleasure – or in this case, a pinch of spookiness. Until next year's hair-raising Halloween adventure, keep the spirits high and the broomsticks higher!

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