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From The Group CEO: Return To Work Policy

Dear Fellow Stakeholders,

The government’s directive to gradually lift the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon in light of the nation’s continuing battle against COVID-19 has allowed several essential businesses to return to operations one step at a time.

With the Aboitiz Group’s businesses in crucial industries that help keep the country’s economy running, the company has been implementing proactive precautionary measures that ensure the protection of our team members and all our stakeholders, creating a safe work environment for our frontliners while allowing our companies to serve the vast majority of our customers.

What is known today and being accepted as the “new normal”, calls for our organization to implement a stringent ‘Return to Work’ Policy that continues minimizing the risk of virus infection while ensuring smooth business transactions.

Our proactive approach to our re-entry program is anchored on longer-term business continuity. The ‘Return to Work’ Policy, like all our actions throughout this ECQ period, are steps toward ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of all our team members.


The Aboitiz Group’s re-entry procedure will follow a phased approach beginning with an online risk assessment that will be thoroughly conducted by our partner health maintenance organization and clinics. All Aboitiz frontliners or team members and subcontractors who need to be physically present in the offices or site facilities to perform their functions will be subject to this assessment.

While the majority of our team members will still be on a Work From Home (WFH) arrangement, especially those considered high risk (aged 60 and above, those with chronic illnesses, or pregnant), we have identified Aboitiz frontliners who will be allowed re-entry to the office premises. These team members will be subject to:

  • Re-entry testing (Rapid Antibody Testing)
  • Presentation of medical certificate and clearance
  • Flexible work hours

We are continuously enhancing the protocols already in place in the event of a resurgence of cases to ensure continuity of business operations:

Constant monitoring and re-testing of our team members will be conducted until 2021 to ensure a safe workplace.

Online Meetings and Events. No visitors will be allowed access to our NAC and ORE offices in Taguig City and ACO offices in Cebu. All meetings and other activities with external parties (i.e. conferences) will still be conducted online.

Heightened Disinfection Measures. Prior to our frontliners’ return to the office, premises will be thoroughly and regularly sanitized, including communal areas, lift/elevators, work stations and other facilities, and equipment. Thermal scanning, footbath, use of alcohol and sanitizers, and wearing of face masks are strictly implemented.

Delivery and Release of Documents/Parcels. There will be a designated ‘staging area’ for the drop-off of important documents and packages by the main entrance of the office/facility premises. No delivery personnel will be allowed access. Kindly coordinate with the business units or departments that you are in contact with for the specific details. The team member concerned should meet the delivery person/collector to receive the document or package. There will be a custodian who will provide hand sanitizers/alcohol at the designated staging area. Physical distancing and wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment must be strictly observed.

Without any doubt, the COVID-19 crisis is a true test to our resilience but, with the extraordinary dedication of our team members who demonstrate our time-tested values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility, we are confident that we will be able to deliver on our commitments.

As #OneAboitiz, we are committed to supporting the ongoing efforts of the government to mitigate the long-term impact of COVID-19 as well as prepare for the gradual resumption of business and overall economic activity once this crisis is over.


Sabin M. Aboitiz
President and Chief Executive Officer
Aboitiz Group

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