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How Data Science And AI Drive The Aboitiz Group's Expansion From Singapore

The following article was first published by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global center for business, innovation, and talent. Reposted with permission.

Aboitiz Data Innovation is building data science and AI solutions across sectors—from power generation, to banking and finance. Find out how they leverage Singapore as a tech hub, with a network of ready partners and talent, for growth.

Data is the enabler of the global economy, with tech transformation across diverse sectors and the rise of the digital economy. Manufacturing and biotech, entertainment and education, these are a handful of sectors driving demand for data science services globally.

For  the Aboitiz Group, one of Southeast Asia’s largest conglomerates, data science and AI (DSAI) are powering solutions across the group’s business interests, which span power generation and distribution, banking and financial services, infrastructure, food, and real estate.

Launching its latest startup, Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), in Singapore, the company is ramping up its engineering and innovation capabilities, with an eye on the monetisation opportunities for DSAI in the region.

With a diversified market such as SEA, DSAI will exponentially be used to bridge gaps and overcome challenges between and within the growing industries and markets in the region.

Dr. David R. Hardoon, Managing Director, Aboitiz Data Innovation

Singapore: An Innovation Hub For Cross-Sector Solutions

By analysing data and deriving actionable insights, DSAI solutions can be applied across sectors. As ADI looks to discover synergies across the different industries and businesses it serves, Singapore provides an ideal ecosystem to develop and launch new tech solutions.

ADI joins an ecosystem of ready partners, with Singapore home to 46% of regional headquarters for multinational corporations in diverse sectors, as well as close to 3,500 startups and 200 incubators and accelerators.

“Singapore’s strong international business connectivity allows ADI to explore both upstream and downstream partnerships through the strong network of multinational businesses located in the country,” says Dr Hardoon.

The company is currently working with international and local businesses that provide services in the data science space, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera and SAP.

Furthermore, Singapore continues to grow data science capabilities across industries, by engaging companies in sectors such as finance, healthcare and manufacturing. Its thriving data science ecosystem and diverse talent pool enable ADI to rapidly develop and launch solutions from the get-go in Singapore.

How DSAI Fuel Growth And Environmental Sustainability

In a mere four months, ADI has rolled out solutions used in Aboitiz Group’s business units across SEA.

For example, in the banking and finance sector, the team developed fintech solutions relating to areas such as consumer finance and micro, small and medium enterprises. Some of the products include models for expanding products to unbanked and underbanked communities, for phishing transaction detection, and for fraud detection and anti-money laundering.

As sustainability issues become increasingly urgent, ADI also looks to deploy its data science expertise to better tackle environmental sustainability challenges.

Developing solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability has become a core mission for ADI. The group is involved in many industries, so there is an opportunity to make a real change in our environment.

For example, in its key business area of power generation, data science is being used to forecast demand and optimize power generation and distribution. The company is also looking at how DSAI can be deployed in the Aboitiz cement manufacturing unit to reduce emissions and improve the quality of its products.

Data-driven innovation for a better world

Using DSAI to solve real-world problems is part of ADI’s commitment to apply data-backed insights to drive change for a better world. Looking ahead, this involves deepening its partnerships in Singapore, by working with other industry players and institutes of higher learning for research and to nurture local DSAI talent.

“ADI looks to take a lead in tracking real problem statements with the local community, and eventually develop innovative AI solutions that can be operationalised and used on the ground,” Dr. Hardoon shares.

Furthermore, the promise for fast-growing SEA—set to become the world’s 4th largest economy by 2030—is immense. From hyper-personalised customer service, to sustainability solutions, he adds: “The possibilities for the application of DSAI are truly endless for SEA businesses such as ADI to operate on a more global stage.”

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