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Towards A Data-Driven Culture: PETNET Creates Own Data Analytics Unit

PETNET, in its constant pursuit of ways to improve services to its communities, sees the need to eliminate risks and predict market trends as a major challenge. To address this, the organization began to build a data analytics team that will maximize the potential of its big data — mostly composed of customer and transaction data — and, ultimately, help establish a data-driven culture.

The Challenge

The beauty of PETNET’s business is that it is a data-rich organization. The challenge, however, was how the company can actually use that data to better grow the business.  The vision was clear: get minor to major decisions derived from these data and information. With data analytics, PETNET aims to be ahead of its competitors while being efficient in maximizing the resources available.

The Journey

As businesses are compelled to adapt innovation and technology at a much faster pace, PETNET started with redeveloping systems and processes when it became part of the Aboitiz Group in 2015. One major initiative was to build an analytics team as PETNET takes a more active role in the Group’s continuing digital transformation. The team's data scientists and analysts are tasked to squeeze information to discover new opportunities.

Among the company's primary goals is to ensure that people are data driven and analytically capable in running the business. Understanding that data analytics will be a major factor in the business operations, PETNET is determined to take advantage of technologies that will ensure a better future for the company.

The Solution

The early months since the formation of the Data Analytics unit proved to be beneficial as it helped the organization in reading trends and presenting data into simplified reports while drawing up insights to make data-driven and informed decisions. It started off with the PERA HUB mobile app project wherein the team was tasked to create a data dashboard, which identified customer profiles and potential target customers.

The Data Analytics team introduced Qlik as a tool and reference for data insights, analysis and recommendations. PETNET uses Qlik dashboards as a powerful and efficient way to track and analyze real-time information within the organization.

For the mobile app, the dashboard included a tracker tool showing its monthly performance along with other essential information, which provides the app's working group with better guidance on activities that help them to achieve business objectives.

PETNET’s usage of the Qlik tool, allows data within business units to be centralized, updated in almost real-time and easily visualized for presentations. Qlik dashboards are easy to customize when meeting the specific needs of a team. As an information management tool, it helps in visually tracking, analyzing, and displaying key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and key data points to monitor the health of a product, service, department, or specific process in the organization. The dashboard connects to PETNET’s big data and presents it in the form of tables, charts, and indices. This also serves a central source for the PETNET team members to monitor and analyze performance, saving time on analyzing and coordinations that previously challenged the company.

Since introducing the analytics tool, PETNET has been training and enhancing team members' data analytics capabilities across the organization. Now, different departments are building dashboards set to their data needs towards empowered analyses. Exciting times ahead for this group as they continue to expand and advance in the field of data analytics.

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