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Sharing Strategic HR Expertise With Gov't Career Execs

The Career Executive Service Board (CESB) Secretariat partnered with Aboitiz Equity Ventures Corporate External Relations (AEV CER) recently for Project YOUman 1.0, the agency's strategic human resources program.

YOUman 1.0 had one end in mind: to provide technical assistance to the CESB team in fulfilling their mandate as the agency responsible for developing the talents and expertise of the third level officials in the bureaucracy. One of its critical program objectives is to take a long-term view of the CESB Secretariat composition — a critical aspect of organization development amidst a VUCA world.

The project tapped the expertise of the AEV Group HR Team who facilitated two online courses: Employee Engagement by Candee Lagura (Manager, HR Performance and Engagement) and Succession Planning by Ruby Jaucian (VP, Group Human Resources). In these sessions, the CESB team learned the practical applications of HR theories and implementation frameworks.  

YOUman 1.0 also sponsored Harrison Talent Profile Assessments for the CESB Secretariat.

What is our vision? The Career Executive Service Board provides leadership and continuity in leadership, imbues relevance, builds collaboration, and inspires trust in achieving national development goals hand in hand with political leaders, the bureaucracy, and the citizens. I see the CESB Secretariat creating a critical mass of well-selected and professional Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs) who will provide stability and faithful service in the bureaucracy.

Marcy Cosare-Ballesteros, Executive Director, Career Executive Service Board

YOUman 1.0 served as an opportunity to further deepen the Aboitiz Group's partnership with the CESB with an end goal of contributing to nation-building through supporting the continuous development of the public sector.

[Aboitiz is] one with CESB in challenging the norms, creating new possibilities and providing more opportunities for continuous development. It is our hope that through this collaboration, we can support CESB to build a more agile and resilient organization to continue advancing its mission of developing career government professionals as catalysts for innovation and good governance.

Christopher Camba, FVP Corporate External Relations, AEV  

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