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UnionBank Online Ranked Handiest Mobile Banking App

With limited mobility due to the pandemic, consumers have turned to mobile banking apps to take care of their financial transactions from the comforts of their home.

In a recent review of mobile apps of local banks by SPOT.ph, a one-stop urban lifestyle guide to the best of Manila, UnionBank Online garnered the top spot, earning the title “the handiest mobile banking app.

Apart from a user-friendly design and interface, the mobile banking app has numerous features that other mobile banking apps don’t.

The ‘Split Bill’ feature would come in handy for your night out with friends, and the ‘Goals’ feature is perfect for those wanting to save up for a wish-list item or even a trip. As for fees, fund transfers to other banks cost PHP10 but practically all other services are free. This app is definitely one that goes beyond the basic services and is sure to be a handy one to have on your phone.

- SPOT.ph review
Split Bills with UnionBank Online

When the bill arrives, you won’t have to worry about manually computing for everyone’s share! Now, you can easily Split Bills with UnionBank Online. Download the app today! http://bit.ly/DownloadUnionBankOnline

Posted by Union Bank of the Philippines on Thursday, 31 May 2018
From the SPOT.ph article “Which Mobile Banking App Is the Handiest?”

Most recently, other interesting features have been added to UnionBank Online. A foreign exchange feature lets clients check for competitive rates and exchange their pesos to dollars, or dollars to pesos 24/7, whether it’s a weekday or a holiday. The funds are directly credited to the account, ready for withdrawal, for online purchases or for credit card payments.

Likewise, the Social Security System has been added as a biller on UnionBank Online, enabling customers to pay their SSS contributions without having to leave the house. These features are also available in the app’s web version, online.unionbankph.com.

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